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Aside from several online venues and our own website, Bijoutiful Jewelery has also been found at:

"Patine" in La Selva Beach, CA
"Maude" in Petaluma, CA
"Terrain at Styers" in Glen Mills, PA--just outside Philadelphia. Terrain is Urban Outfitters' GORGEOUS sister home & garden store! *swoon!*

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A little about Amber & her work:

Amber is just a girl from Barbados with a torch & an ever-growing arsenal of tools & equipment. She is completely self-taught, too (so far)! To date, she's extremely comfortable with several jewelry-making techniques, such as:

setting stones
wire-wrapping & stringing
texturing--hammers, roll printing, abrasives,
a mild form of etching (never any acid)
torch and kiln-fired enamels

Though she knows quite a bit about other techniques such as chasing, repoussé, and etching, she just hasn't had the time to really try these mediums just yet. So many techniques, not enough time!

All raw stock (wire, sheet, etc.) used is 100% recycled/reclaimed nickle-free, and much of the highly detailed brass is unused vintage stock or deconstructed components from found vintage jewelry.

While others like to use vintage brass & copper as is, Amber prefers to change it up & give it new life--a sort of restoration, if you will. She never rarely uses any harsh chemicals during the fabrication process, and uses liver of sulfur to oxidize & darken the metal when the design calls for such treatment. When the solution is spent, she then feeds it to some of the plants in her garden in place of fertilizer. Citric acid is her "pickle" of choice, used to clean the metal after using the torch, but in a pinch she will use either vinegar or lemon & salt.

Amber uses recycled or reused materials in other areas of this small home-based business as well, such as bubble envelopes, paper, labels, business cards. etc. We don't send receipts or invoices with packages unless it is specifically requested of us, & to help conserve resources, we package orders in one or two jewelry boxes, depending upon the size of the order. We're more than happy to package items individually upon request, however. Contact Amber if you wish us to do this for you, as there is a small added cost for this service.

We gift wrap each order by hand, with a simple brown kraft jewelry box and a sweet little hand tied organza bow.

EcoFriendly Nature Inspired Jewelry

Nature-inspired, recycled metal jewelry in sterling, brass and copper, perfect for everyday wear, special occasions and weddings. Custom requests & wholesale welcomed! Ask about BRIDAL DISCOUNTS!